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001277CH - Li-ion battery charger

Battery Charger 001277B and 001278B - ACCU program 1278   Celý popis ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT001277CH

001277CH - Li-ion battery charger 001277CH - Li-ion battery charger

Product description

Battery Charger 001277B and 001278B Fully Compatible with All ACCU Products 1278

A good quality Li-ion battery is a major part of the cost of a new product, especially in DIY workshops for most of its useful life. Thanks to the ACCU program, you can use the battery safely for up to five different devices without having to spend extra money on additional and extra batteries. The HECHT 1277 and HECHT 1278 are supplied with a pair of high-quality 20 V / 1.5 Ah li-ion accumulators, and the battery pack is fully charged for about 1 hour with the charger supplied as part of the drill kit. This product is part of the ACCU program, with which you have the unique opportunity to operate several different types of tools on one battery and thereby save significantly. All products marked with the ACCU program 1278 are fully compatible with the 001277B and 001278B batteries. The HECHT 1277 and HECHT 1278 drills are two batteries 001277B, and both types of accumulators can be purchased as optional accessories.

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