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AUDI Q7 AU716 - white

Children battery powered car. 10 Ah battery. For children aged 3-8 years. Sound effects, remote control. Maximum load 30 kg. Celý popis ▼

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Product code: AudiQ7-white

Audi Q7 AU716 - white AUDI Q7 AU716 - white

Product description

AUDI Q7 AU716 – WHITE, is battery powered car with a licensed AUDI design. This toy will attrack attention and its luxurious design will surely appreciate not only small drivers.
This car is powered by 12V/10Ah battery, and its operating time is 1 – 2 hours for the one charge, however, the operating time depends on the terrain and the weight of the child. It is possible to choose the speed in the range of 4 or 8 km/h, changed by the switch on dashboard. The dashboard is also equipped with the start button, placed under the steering wheel; after press of the button, the car plays sound like a real car starting. This button works also as a main switch. If is pressed, emit red light. The dashboard is illuminated by the blue colour and front bumper lights by daytime running lights. The other switch can turn on the main headlights and rear lights, just as on the real car.
The gearshift is placed on the right side of the steering wheel and the small driver can choose the driving mode by it; neutral, forward or reverse. The selected mode is also indicated by the blue illuminated icons next to the lever. If is the car switched on, display shows the battery voltage. Drive a car is very simple and for moving and stopping is used only accelerator. After its pressing, the car moves by the set speed; after its releasing, the engine serves as a brake and the car stops smoothly at a few centimeters.
On the left side of dashboard is integrated MP3 player. The first and second buttons placed above display are used for the song changing, long pressing these buttons adjust playback volume. The other two buttons are used to switch of the MP3 player functions. The MP3 player is preset by factory with several songs and fairy tales in English. Another audio records can be played from USB disc or SD memory card. The slots are placed under the display of the player. Switch between audio records can be made also by the one of the buttons on the steering wheel, the second button serves as a horn.
Together with this car is supplied also RC transmitter which can be used by parents for full control of the car moving. It is for the case  that the car is drived by a small child who can not able to car control, yet. The car is designed for children aged 3 to 8 years, maximum load is 30kg.
The part of delivery is also charger; the connector for its connection is placed next to the seat. The car is fully charged in 8 – 12 hours, according to the battery condition.


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Length 130 cm
Engine 2 x 35 W
Weight 17,6 kg
Height 56 cm
Width 64 cm
Battery 12V/10Ah
Speed 4 - 8 km/h
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