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HECHT 1638 R - electric lawn mower

Electric powered rotary lawn mower with plastic chassis. Power input 1600 W and working width 38 cm. Suitable for areas of up to 700 m2. Central adjustment of cutting height. Turbo motor with high torque. Celý popis

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Výrobce: Hecht
Kód zboží: HECHT1638R

Elektrická sekačka HECHT 1638 R HECHT 1638 R - electric lawn mower

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HECHT 1638 R is electric lawn mower, manually pushed, equipped with an engine with power of 1600W and function of high torque “turbo engine“. A working width is 38 cm. These features makes it suitable for mowing of areas up to 700m².  Cutting height is easy adjustable by a small lever, in the range of 25 - 65mm.

The chassis is made from plastic, and thus has the lawn mower weight of only 13kg. An electric engine is easy to start and the lawn mower needs only minimal of maintenance; thanks to this is the lawn mower suitable also for older people and women. Common safety elements of this product is a safety switch or a cable strain relief. A handlebar is padded so the work is even more convenient with it.

Thanks to the butterfly nuts can be the lawn mower easily folded and by use of handles also transferred to the place required. A grass collector is entirely made of plastic with a volume of 45 l.


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Edge cutting 6/8
Drive Electric motor
Chassis 8,48
Central adjustment of cutting height 55
Engine 4
Mulching 6/8
Adjustable handle 6/8
Side discharge 6/8
Self propelled 6/8
Power input (W) 1600
Weight (kg) 13
Working width (cm) 38
Volume of collecting box (l) 45
Height adjustment max. (mm) 65
Recommended area (m2) 700
Height adjustment min. (mm) 25
Start 42
Wheels (front/rear) 5,5/7
Ball bearings in the wheels 6/8
Auto cleaning 6/8
Max. tool speed (RPM) 3500
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