HECHT 2014 – electric chainsaw

HECHT 2014 – electric chainsaw

electric chainsaw with a power input of 2000W. Bar length – 35 cm, weight – 4,2 kg


Parameter Description
Drive Electric motor
Motor Electric 230 V/ 50 Hz
Power input 2000 W
Bar length 35 cm
Weight 4,2 kg

Product description

Electric chainsaw with a power input of 2000W is suitable for use around the house and in gardens. The advantage of electric chainsaws is especially very quiet, easy operation and easy maintenance. It is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication. The weight is only 4,2 kg. It is equipped with a quality HECHT bar, with length of 35 cm. An integrated safety equipment such as a chain brake for immediate stopping of the chain, spiked bumper or cable clip are therefore matter of course. An oil pump is also integrated. The oil level can be easily controlled, thanks to the transparent part of oil tank.

Recomended accessories

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