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HECHT 3001 - Electric Leaf Blower/Vac

Electric Leaf Vac/Blower with metal knife for more efficient material crushing. Power consumption 3000 W. 50 l collector basket. Air speed up to 300 km / h. Weight 4.8 kg Celý popis ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT3001

elektrický fukar/vysavač HECHT 3001 - Electric Leaf Blower/Vac

Product description

HECHT 3001


HECHT 3001 is a practical electric blower - vac with power up to 3000W. It is powered by a standard 220V / 50Hz power supply. The power is easily adjustable with the small handle on the handle. You do not have to waste the power unnecessarily, the vacuum cleaner can be easily and quickly set for the current working conditions. Equally easy to adapt to the operator's style, the optional front handle adjustable for a comfortable holding and balancing of the machine, the suction and blow nozzle is telescopic, so the machine can be adjusted to the desired height. At the same time, the nozzle is equipped with a travel wheel, which makes it easier to guide the machine while relieving a part of the weight of this mere 4.8 kg weighing vacuum cleaner. Further strain relief allows the shoulder strap supplied with the machine. As already mentioned, this is a combined machine with the potential to be used as a power blower or vacuum cleaner. Between blowing and vacuuming, it is very easy to change the switching lever position at any time during the operation. This makes it possible for you to switch to blow mode immediately and blow out dirt from an otherwise inaccessible place and immediately vacuum them when you switch back. Another unmatched advantage is that if the leaves are dropped, for example on a mulch, peel or other loose substrate, it is possible to set the power in the blow mode so that only leaves are blown. You safely blow it into one heap and then you can suck it or manually remove it. In order to make the vacuum even more efficient, the front of the nozzle is provided with pull-out boxes which, if necessary, release the leaves covered in grass, etc. The sucked leaves travel through the nozzle to the turbine, which is equipped with steel knives, which leaves the leaves cut into small pieces, 50 l textile bag. Thanks to this cut, not only is bag filling more efficient, the leaves are also better processed, for example, for composting. The turbine is equipped with a cover which is easy to loosen, open and open the turbine area in case of blockage with the wing nut easily.

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Drive Electric motor
Engine 4
Power input (W) 3000
Weight (kg) 4,8
Volume of collecting box (l) 50
Rychlost vzduchu (km/h) 300
Obj. průtok vzduchu (m3/h) 960
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