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HECHT 3020 - Diesel Hot Air Turbine

Mobile hot air heater with output of 20 kW, heating up to 166 m2. Diesel fuel / ELTO.   Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT3020

Naftový přímotop HECHT 3020 HECHT 3020 - Diesel Hot Air Turbine

Product description

The Hecht 3020 is a heater with a fan suitable for heating ventilated spaces such as buildings, drying of new buildings and the like. Also suitable as a backup heat source. The fuel is diesel or extra light fuel oil (ELTO). The power supply to the electronics and the fan is a 230V / 50Hz source. The capacity of the fuel tank is 19 l, consumption approx. 2 l / h. The heat output of the heater is 70,000 Btu. The maximum recommended heating space is 166 m2.

This product is not suitable as the main heat source for heating.


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Power output 20 kW
Power 230 V/ 50 Hz
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