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HECHT 3440 - infrared heater

Infrared heater with carbon tube. Remote control, protection IP65. Power consumption 2000 W. Heating space 16 - 26 m2 Celý popis ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT3440

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Product description


  • Designed electric heater with carbon heater.
  • For heating pergolas, conservatories, workshops, garages, front gardens and offices.
  • Power consumption 2000 W.
  • Heated area 16-26 m2
  • Immediate warming effect when the heater is switched on.
  • The carbon heater also emits visible light
  • Protection IP65 - against rain and splashing water.
  • Supplied with practical remote control.
  • Including timer function.
  • Possible placement on the ceiling or wall.
  • Thanks to practical consoles, the heater can be directed to the desired area.
  • Of course there is a thermal overheating fuse.

Infrared heater with carbon heater suitable for wall or ceiling mounting. Heat is transmitted by infrared radiation directly to irradiated objects. Therefore, it does not heat up air excessively, ensuring high efficiency and efficiency of heating.

The heater is IP 65, so it can be safely used in outdoor shelters, covered pergolas, etc. You can extend the summer and even in the cooler months sit with friends on the terrace. Heating can also be used in garages or workshops. The space for heating is 16 - 26 m2. Supplied with remote control and adjustable wall hanging. Thermal fuse is a matter of course

The dimensions are 70 x 12 x 13 cm


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Power input (W) 2000
Weight (kg) 2,5
Power 230 V/ 50 Hz
Degree of protection IP65
Space for heating m2 16 - 26
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