HECHT 3639

HECHT 3639

HECHT 3639 -  cordless rotary lawn mower, manually pushed. The working width is 37 cm, weight – 16,5 kg, grass collector capacity – 43L. An area mown per battery charge -  approx 400m².


Parameter Description
Drive Battery
Start Electric
Adjustable handle Yes
Ball bearings in the wheels Yes
Battery 36 V Li-ion 4 Ah
Central adjustment of cutting height Yes
Chassis Plastic
Edge cutting No
Height adjustment 25 - 75 mm
Mulching No
Recommended area 400 m2
Self propelled No
Volume of collecting box 43 l
Weight 16,5 kg
Wheels (front/rear) 6/9
Working width 37 cm

Product description

Cordless lawn mower HECHT 3639 combines the advantages of simple operation and maintenance of electric lawn mowers with independence on power availability of petrol lawn mowers. Thanks to the use of electric, battery-powered engine is this product very quiet in operation. As a power source is used a Li-lon battery with a rated voltage of 36V and capacity of 4 Ah. The charger, supplied with the product, can fully charge the battery in approx. 120 minutes. The advantage is that the battery has to be charged separately/ out of the lawn mower, so there is no problem to purchase a second battery and recharge it during operation (packing included only one battery).  A battery capacity is sufficient for using on approx. 400 m² area, per charge. Real volume of maintained area can be influenced by the height and quality of the grass.


The chassis is made from lightweight but also durable plastic that is rustproof.  Below the deck plate rotates the steel knives of 37 cm wide. For collecting of the grass is used a grass collector of 43 l volume. Height of the grass mowing can be easily adjusted centrally in the range of 25 to 75 mm. For convenient travel serves the quality wheels mounted on ball bearings. Handle is connected to the chassis by use of quick tightening system, which allows its fast and easy folding to transport or storage of the product. A lever starting an engine is placed parallel to handlebar over the whole width, and so it is easy to control. The product is equipped also with a safety button, preventing unintentional starting.

The second level of protection is also a safety key. Remove and save it after the operation to prevent to f.e. children handling with the lawn mower; an engine can not be started without the key. This prevents not only the battery discharge, but also the possible injury.


Thanks to the type od drive, weight of only 16,5 kg and very simple operation, is the product suitable for use by women and seniors. This lawn mower is also almost maintenance free - maintenance included basically only cleaning, battery charging, occasional lubrication of moving parts and knives sharpening.


The texts referred to the functions of this product, can not be used as an instruction manual. When use of this product, please, follows the user´s manual which is supplied with the product.


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