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HECHT 3907 – portable air conditioning

Cooling capacity 7000 BTU, power input 770 W, air flow 240 m3 / h. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT3907

HECHT 3907 – portable air conditioning HECHT 3907 – portable air conditioning

Product description

Mobile air conditioning with three functions:


Energy Label

Cooling capacity 7000 BTU
Power consumption 770 W
Environmentally friendly cooling mixture R290
Ventilation of hot air using a 1.5 m long telescopic hose
Adjustable window set included in the package free of charge
Possibility of installing the hose through a hole in the wall or thanks to the enclosed window set
Remote control included
No need to top up the coolant
Air flow 240 m3
LED display with color backlight
4 swivel castors for easy handling
Modern design

HECHT 3907 is a mobile air conditioner with an excellent ratio of performance, noise and energy consumption. Its advantage is easy installation and operation. It can be tidy for most of the year and does not take up any space in the interior. On hot summer days, you will be ready for operation in a short time and the room will be kept at a comfortable temperature.

The heat taken from the cooled air is dissipated through a 1.5 m long hose with a diameter of 142 mm outside the window and the air conditioning in the room automatically maintains the set temperature.

Cooling space: 40 m3. This value can vary depending on the influence of: environment, temperature, air flow, room sealing, room location in the house, thermal insulation, room orientation according to the world and other factors.

Why is it necessary to dissipate heat to the air conditioner?

Don't be seduced by the various offers of cheap air conditioners without heat dissipation. There is no way around physics, and the heat you take from the air cooled in the room simply doesn't go anywhere. Therefore, it is drained out of the room with a hose. If heat is not removed from the room, these are so-called air coolers, whose performance is to some extent limited.

The air conditioner allows operation in automatic mode, where the set temperature is maintained in the room. At night, the air conditioning can be easily switched to night mode, which automatically reduces the fan speed and thus significantly reduces noise.

The unit can also be used as a fan. It does not cool in this mode, it only ensures circulation in the room.

Another function is the dehumidification mode. High humidity can cause the formation of mold, the growth of bacteria, which not only worsens the comfort of living, but also increases the likelihood of health problems. In dehumidifier mode, condensed moisture is trapped in the antibacterial tank.

The air conditioning can be easily controlled on a clear control panel with a display or using a remote control.

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Power input (W) 770
Power 230 V/ 50 Hz
Width (mm) 290
Lenght (mm) 290
Height (mm) 700
Air flow m3 240
Chladící výkon (BTU) 7000
Chladící výkon (kW) 2
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