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HECHT 44 BOX - Petrol Chainsaw

HECHT 44 BOX – petrol chainsaw, plastic box included. Power – 2,7 HP, length of the bar – 40 cm, weight – 5,4 kg. Read more

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT44BOX

Pila Hecht 44 BOX HECHT 44 BOX - Petrol Chainsaw

Product description

HECHT 44 BOX – hobby chainsaw supplied with a box for its carrying and storing. This model is a popular chainsaw from the HECHT product line. Its high quality, good price and parameters make it    a great choice for operator who need the chainsaw several times a year – for example, for chopping of firewood. Thanks to a petrol engine with displacement of 45 cm³, can the chainsaw handle with even more wood. The power output of this engine is 2,1kW/2,7 HP.

High-quality construction with plastic and metal parts ensures long-lasting performance. The weight of the chainsaw without a chain and bar is 5,4kg. This model has also integrated safety features such as a chain brake or spiked bumper. Together with the machine is supplied also 40 cm HECHT bar and 0,325“ chain.

The chainsaw is a dangerous tool, when work it is necessary to use protective equipment, including eye and ear protection, helmet, reinforced footwear, cut protective trousers, gloves, etc. Protective equipment can be found in our online shop in department of protective equipment.

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Drive 26
Engine Hecht 2-stroke
Weight 5,4 kg
Displacement 45 cm3
Power output 2,7 HP
Bar length 40 cm
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