HECHT 44 - Petrol Chainsaw

HECHT 44 - Petrol Chainsaw

HECHT 44 – petrol chainsaw with primer pump. Power – 2,7 HP, bar length – 40 cm, weight – 5,4 kg.


Parameter Description
Displacement 45 cm3
Drive Petrol engine
Engine Hecht 2-stroke
Power output 2,7 HP
Bar length 40 cm
Weight 5,4 kg

Product description

The chainsaw HECHT 44 has become the one of the best-selling chainsaw in its category thanks to the excellent price/ performance ratio. This model is equipped with a reliable 2-stroke engine with a displacement of 45 cm³  and maximum power of 2,7 HP.  Maximum engine speed is 11,500rpm, chain speed is 23,1 m/s. A length of the bar is 40 cm. These parameters make from the chainsaw a light-weight and powerful helper in category of hobby chainsaws.

The chainsaw is equipped with a primer pump and semi-automatic choke. Starting is therefore with  a correctly set chainsaw very easy. For an ergonomic design of the chainsaw have been used modern materials, high-quality steel, light aluminium alloys and durable plastics. Their right combination allows achieve excellent durability, optimum balance and low weight. A properly shaped handle allows safe and steady operation in all work positions. The chainsaw is equipped also with an anti-vibration system that minimizes vibrations to the handle caused by a powerful engine. Hands are therefore not overly stressed by vibrations and the work is much more comfortable.

A great emphasis was put on a safety at work. This model is equipped with a safety brake; an average stopping time of the chain from the maximum speed is 0,1 s.  Another safety feature is a  placement of a pair of controls on the main handle, which significantly reduces the risk of accidental move of the chain when an engine is started. The chainsaw is equipped with a steel spiked bumper, which  - when properly used - prevents a jumping of the chainsaw from the cut due to kickbacks caused by, for example, jammed chain in the cut.

The chain saw is supplied together with a 40cm HECHT bar and a 0,325/1,5 mm/66 links chain. A chain marking is HECHT 25Q66E. The chain and bar are automatically lubricated by the pump and tank integrated directly into the chainsaw.

The chainsaw is a dangerous tool, when work it is necessary to use protective equipment, including eye and ear protection, helmet, reinforced footwear, cut protective trousers, gloves, etc. Protective equipment can be found in our online shop in department of protective equipment.

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