HECHT 5030

HECHT 5030

Manual pushed cylinder lawn mower with a working width of 30cm, Collecting box 15l. Metal chassis.


Parameter Description
Drive Manual pushed
Blade thickness 2 mm
Chassis Metal
Height adjustment 10 - 36 mm
Number of knives 6
Packing size 530 x 380 x 270 mm
Volume of collecting box 15 l
Weight 7,8 kg
Working width 30 cm

Product description

Manual pushed cylinder lawn mower HECHT 5030 is suitable for working in area of approx. 150m³. Cylinder is equipped with 6 pcs of steel blades, with thickness of 2 mm. They gently cut the grass for the height adjusted from 10  to 36 mm, with working width of 30cm. The part of delivery is also plastic collecting box with volume of 15 l. Thanks to the weight of 7,8kg is product easy to use and manual drive allows to use this product anywhere without need of energy supply. It is ensures also easy maintenance and long service life. You will appreciate also easy detachable handle, especially during transport and storage.

If you want to have a truly representative lawn, you will achieve the perfect effect just with a cylinder lawn mower. In England, f.e., are used practically only cylinder lawn mowers and using of different type for mowing on golf course is unthinkable. Conventional rotary lawn mowers cut the grass  by the knife at high speed; grass ends are dammaged, turns yellow and dries. Compared to rotary types, cylinder lawn mower does not cut the grass, but gently trims. The cut is pefectly straight along the working width and thus is achived effect of English lawn. Cylinder is equippped with helically twisted blades which rotates against the one fixed knife and the ends of the grass are cut like by scissors. The cut is straight and the grass is not dammaged and shocked as during common lawn mowing.


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