Manual cylinder lawn mower with contactless blades, colecting box with volume of 50 l and working width up to 46 cm. Possibility of mowing height adjustment from 24 to 75mm. The lawn mower has a quality metal chassis and its weight is only 17,2 kg.


Parameter Description
Drive Manual pushed
Adjustable handle No
Blade thickness 3 mm
Chassis Metal
Height adjustment 24 - 75 mm
Number of knives 5
Packing size 650 x 580 x 275 mm
Volume of collecting box 50 l
Weight 17,2 kg
Working width 46 cm

Product description

Quality and popular cylinder lawn mower for perfect look of your lawn. Thanks to the helically twisted cylinder with 5 contactless blades of 3 mm thickness, has the lawn mower pefect cut – it really trim the grass. This way of mowing is the most gentle to the grass; it is not dammaged, not dried and the cut is same over the surface. The grass is equally high and your English lawn then looks like a carpet.


The lawn mower is equipped with a fabric collecting box with volume of 50 l, with effective filling. With working width of 46 cm is ideal for quick and efficient work. The lawn mower can be controlled by everyone – this mower is ergonomically designed to ensure the most comfortable use along with excellent mowing results. Central height adjustment from 24 to 75 mm ensures optimal use for each garden. Thanks to the long handle can be mower perfectly controlled; handle can be also easily folded to storage.


This lawn mower has a metal chassis which guarantees long life-time and reliability. Big wheels with an improved pattern then ensures easy movement and maneuverability on a surface; thanks to the quality gears also allows the blade moving at the high speed without much effort. To increase stability is lawn mower also equipped with additional wheels and with weight of only 17,2 kg is suitable also for less physically fit users.


Thanks to manual drive is not required any electrical supply or fuelling. That is economical but also lawn and enviromentally friendly.


Models produced in 2014 has a new, improved design of the blade with a larger curve. Thanks to this improvement is the mowing easier and lawn mower provides higher performance.

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