Petrol lawn mower equipped with original engine HECHT OHV. Working width – 43 cm, weight – 20,5 kg, grass collector – 45 l.


Parameter Description
Displacement (cm3) 98
Maximal torque (Nm) 4.7
Nominal engine power according to SAE J1940 (kW) 1.8
Operating speed of engine (RPM) 2850
Fuel tank capacity (l) 1.3
Height adjustment max. (mm) 65
Height adjustment min. (mm) 25
Max. tool speed (RPM) 2850
Recommended area (m2) 800
Spark plug gap (mm) 0.7 - 0.8
Volume of collecting box (l) 45
Weight (kg) 20.5
Wheels (front/rear) 7/10
Working width (cm) 43

Product description

HECHT 543 is manually pushed lawn mower, suitable for maintenance of area up to 800m².


The drive to this machine provides a high-quality 4-stroke petrol engine HECHT OHV with rated output power of 1,8kW and displacement of 98cm³, that rotates the steel knife of 46cm width.

This model is equipped surely with a central height adjustment, adjustable in the range of 25 - 65 mm, by using a handy lever placed on the right side of the lawn mower. The wheels are mounted on ball bearings and their patented tread design provides excellent traction without stuck grass or dirt in the tread. A grass collector, made from durable fabric, allows its perfect filling and has a volume of 45 l.

The texts referred to the functions of this product, can not be used as an instruction manual. When use of this product, please, follows the user´s manual which is supplied with the product.

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