HECHT 8101 - Petrol Sweep Machine

HECHT 8101 - Petrol Sweep Machine

Petrol sweeper, power output 6,5 HP, 173 cm3 displacement. Working width 100 cm.


Parameter Description
Displacement (cm3) 173
Drive Petrol engine
Engine Hecht 4-stroke
Maximal torque (Nm) 10
Nominal engine power according to SAE J1940 (kW) 3.6
Operating speed of engine (RPM) 3000
Start Manual
Fuel tank capacity (l) 1
Gearbox - forward 3
Gearbox - reverse 1
Max. speedy (km/h) 4,3
Self propelled Yes
Spark plug gap (mm) 0.7 - 0.8
Weight (kg) 79
Wheels (front/rear) 9/13
Working width (cm) 100

Product description

HECHT 8101 is petrol sweeper equipped with HECHT OHV 4-stroke engine, displacement 173 cm3 and power output of 6,5 HP. Working width is 100 cm, the speed of rotation can be set from 180 to 350 rpm. In combination with the speed controlled movement (4 speed forward and 2 speed reverse) can the operator select the perfect ratio of the machine moving speed to the brush rotation speed as needed. Thanks to sophisticated design are the most of drivers easily accessible directly from the operator´s site. The handlebars are height-adjustable and you can also adjust easily the slope of the brushes by the lever placed under the handlebars.


Brush can be supplemented with optional accessories (not included, sold separately) – collecting box and ploughshare. The brush used with the plougshare together convert your sweeper to the powerful machine for the snow removal.



(Data about engine power is measured at 3600 rpm. This power can not be reached during normal using. For accurate comparison of the engine power use data of displacement and type of engine.)


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