HECHT 8220 – electric log saw

HECHT 8220 – electric log saw

Electric log saw with power input of 2200W, diameter of the log -  up to 135 mm, Blade diameter – 405 mm, weight – 35 kg.


Parameter Description
Drive Electric motor
Engine Electric 230 V/ 50 Hz
Power input 2200 W
Max.cutting diameter 135 mm
Packing size 996 x 845 x 300/130 mm
Weight 35 kg
Wheel diameter 405 mm

Product description

This log saw is intended for easy and safe cutting of the log up to diameter of 135 mm. The blade is safely hidden in the system of covers, which is controlled by the move of the cradle. When cutting, only part of the blade that is being in cut is uncovered. The cradle is equipped with adjustable stops, so you can easily cut the logs of the same length suitable for fireplace or stove. Thanks to the use of cradle and movable covers system is cutting safe; it does not require any specific skills. The saw is powered by standard 230V/50Hz socket, power input is 2200W. The blade diameter is 405 mm, the weight of the machine is 35 kg.

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