HECHT 830 - electric log Saw

HECHT 830 - electric log Saw

Electric log saw with power input of 3000W. Max. diamater of log – 17 cm, Blade diameter – 505 mm, weight – 76 kg. Easy use.


Parameter Description
Drive Electric motor
Power input 3000 W
Max.cutting diameter 170 mm
Packing size 960 x 750 x 580/274 mm
Weight 76 kg
Wheel diameter 505 mm

Product description

Log saw for easy and safe cutting of the log to diameter of 170 mm. The machine is powered by a “three-phase“ engine with power input of 3000W - 400V/50Hz socket (the socket has a “five-pin“, 16A). Blade diameter is 505 mm. Thanks to the cradle system is cutting with this machine very safe (providing that the operator observe the safety rules)  and does not require any specific skills. The machine weighs 76 kg and it is equipped also with the wheels for easy handling.

The saw blade is included.

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