HECHT 9337

HECHT 9337

2-stage petrol snowblower. Hecht OHV engine, power output 11 HP. Clearing width (w) 70 cm (h) 55 cm. Electric starter for connection to the electricity, throwing distance 10 – 15 m, chute turning radius 190°. Weight 118 kg.


Parameter Description
Chute rotation 190°
Heated hand warmers Yes
Weight 118 kg
Motor HECHT 4-stroke
Displacement 375 cm3
Working width 70 x 55 cm
Power output 11 HP
Drive Petrol engine
Self propelled Yes
Start Manual/electric 230V
Gearbox - forward 6
Gearbox - reverse 2
Recommended oil HECHT 5W-40
Unleaded gasoline maximum octane rating 90
Max. throw out snow distance 15 m
Headlight Yes

Product description

HECHT 9337 is 2-stage snow blower with extreme performance. It is equipped by HECHT OHV engine, with 375 cm3 displacement and maximum power output of 11 HP.  This snow blower should be started manually or by electric starter connected to electricity of 230V/50Hz.  This avoids the problem with capacity of battery in cold weather. The machine is also equipped with resist metal housing, included auger with clearing width up to 70 cm and height 55 cm. Robust design of this machine allow the teeth resist even icy and packed snow, which is thrown then by the high speed up to 10 - 15 m. Throwing direction is control by turning chute as usually. The chute can be fully controlled from the operator´s site – direction is controlled by the lever under the main handle, height and distance of throwing is controlled by the lever placed on the main control panel.


Movement even in the hardest conditions ensure a big 16 x 6,5 – 8“ wheels with deep tread, which can be completed by snow chains. Working with such powerful machine requires perfect control of its movement, therefore the machine is equipped with a gearbox with 6 speeds forward and 2 reverse. Easy maneuverability ensure the skid shoes set, placed along the sides of the housing, by which you can also adjust the safe height of the tool above the surface.


When working in the early morning, late afternoon and night hours, you will appreciate an integrated headlight.

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