HECHT 936 - ACCU Chainsaw

HECHT 936 - ACCU Chainsaw

ACCU chainsaw with a 30,5 cm long chain bar, 36V DC Li-on SAMSUNG battery and charger included, weight – 5 kg.


Parameter Description
Drive Battery
Engine Electric 36 V
Bar length 30,5 cm
Battery 36 V Li-ion 2600 mAh
Charging time 100 min
Weight 5 kg

Product description

HECHT 936 is intended for cutting of small quantity of wood. Thanks to the battery power, you do not have to be woried about the power cable and you can straight start cutting. The Li-on battery SAMSUNG has a voltage of 36V and lasts 2600mAh. This makes it possible to cut f.e. up to 100 times the softwood with a diameter of 10 cm – the battery life is about 30 minutes, and it can be recharched back to full capacity within 100 minutes.

This machine is made from quality components, mainly from plastic and metal parts; thanks to the use of these materials is chainsaw well-balanced and thus it is reduced the fatigue at work. Integrated safety features such as f.e. a chain brake are a matter of course. The chainsaw is supplied with a 30,5 cm long OREGON chain bar.

The battery and charger are included.

The weight (exl. accessories) is 5 kg.

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