HECHT 9375 PROFI - petrol hedge trimmer

HECHT 9375 PROFI - petrol hedge trimmer

Petrol powered hedge trimmer. 72 cm bar length.


Parameter Description
Drive Petrol engine
Engine HECHT 2-stroke
Power output 0,9 HP
Maximum diameter of cut branches 20 mm
Bar length 72 cm
Weight 5,3 kg

Product description

HECHT 9375 PROFI is professional one-sided petrol hedge trimmer, designed for regular cutting and shaping of hedges and ornamental trees. It is powered by air-cooled, two-stroke engine with a displacement of 22,2cm³ and 0,9HP. Regular operation engine speed is about 4500 RPM. One-sided steel cutting blade with a total length of 72 cm and 67 cm cutting length, enables to make a straight cuts and considerably speed up the work. Oscillative speed of contrarotating blades is 1860 oscillation per minute. The bar is equipped with collecting cover which collect cutted waste and leaves. Maximum cutting diameter is 20mm.

Ergonomic handles with special anti-vibration reduction, enhance comfort during operation, and thus reducing operators tiredness substantially. Thanks to this reduction, the machine can be used for long-lasting and comfortable operating.

Design of this hedge trimmer included modern hardened plastics combined with refined metals. Thus the product achieve a weight of only 5,3kg (dry weight) and high balance.

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