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HECHT 945 - Petrol Chainsaw

Petrol chain saw HECHT 945. Displacement – 45ccm, power output – 2,7 HP, OREGON chain bar length – 39 cm, weight – 5,4 kg, carburettor WALBRO, primer pump. Celý popis

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Výrobce: Hecht
Kód zboží: HECHT945

Motorová pila HECHT 945 HECHT 945 - Petrol Chainsaw

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Popular petrol chainsaw for a great price, suitable for all homeowners but also for use in forest. The chainsaw is powered by a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 2,7 HP (45cc), thanks which is possible to cut a wood of larger diameters. An engine is equipped with a quality Japanese WALBRO carburettor for smooth running and long service life. The standard equipment is a 39 cm long, high quality chain bar with a 0,325“ chain, both from the leading american OREGON manufacturer. This model is also equipped with a primer pump and the auto-off choke for an easy startup even in severe frost.

The safety features such as a safety brake for operator protection and a spiked bumper are the metter of course.

High-quality rubber handles provide a firm grip and big rubber silent blocks ensure the comfort in work and effectively absorb the vibrations. A well-accessible air filter allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

HECHT 945 is a right choice for regular cutting of all types of wood in the garden and forest. A weight of the chainsaw without the bar is 5,3 kg. We offer to purchase a box for transport and storage and also other accessories.

The chainsaw is a dangerous tool, when work it is necessary to use protective equipment, including eye and ear protection, helmet, reinforced footwear, cut protective trousers, gloves, etc. Protective equipment can be found in our online shop in department of protective equipment.

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Drive 26
Engine Hecht 2-stroke
Weight (kg) 5,3
Displacement (cm3) 45
Power output (HP) 2,7
Bar length (cm) 39
Bar and chain lubrication Automatic
Bumper spike Yes - metal
Chain 22Q66E
Antivibration system Manual
Max. engine speed (RPM) 11800
Rychlost řetězu (m/s) 23,1
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