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HECHT 9936 - accu chainsaw

Accu chainsaw with 40V motor. Length of OREGON bar 35 cm. Weight 5.5 kg. The battery and charger are not included. Celý popis ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT9936

Obrázek HECHT 9936 - accu chainsaw

Product description

HECHT 9936 is an accumulator chain saw designed to work around the house and prepare wood fuel. Thanks to the accumulator power supply, this is a silent helper that produces no fumes. Therefore, it can be safely used in the interior, in the workshop or in the garage. When working outside, you are not restricted by the supply cables.

The chain saw is of course equipped with all safety features like regular gasoline or electric saws. There is no safety brake or steel tooth rest. Chain lubrication is automatic. The chain saw is equipped with a 35 cm long bar, tensioning the chain is done by means of a rotating element on the chain cover - no tools are required.

The chain saw is supplied as standard without a battery and charger.


ACCU program 5040

ACCU program - produkty

This product is part of the ACCU program 5040, where you have the unique chance to operate several different types of machines with one type of battery; and thus save your many. All products marked with the ACCU program 5040 label are fully compatible with the battery 005040B and 005024B. The batteries and chargers are supplied with some lawn mowers in ACCU program 5040 or can be purchased separately. The main benefit is not only reduction of purchase costs when using only one battery to power many of various products but also a fact that you can use the battery throughout its life-time. You do not need to waste your money on different products with diferent batteries, which are  – for most of their lifetime- stored and unused.

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Engine 42
Weight (kg) 3,9
Bar length (cm) 35
Napětí (V) 40
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