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E-scooter. Engine 1800W. Max speed 45 km/h. Max. range 61 km approx. Read more ▼

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Obrázek HECHT EQUIS WHITE - e-scooter

Product description

HECHT EQUIS electric scooter in blue matt metallic color. It is powered by a powerful 1800 W electric motor. It is powered by a 72 V / 20 Ah battery. The battery is fully charged in 6 - 8 hours, the range of the scooter is up to 61 km on a single charge. The maximum speed of the scooter is limited to 45 km / h. The scooter is equipped with a front disc and a rear drum brake.

The main advantage of the electric scooter is very cheap operation with minimal maintenance. The cost per kilometer traveled is a fraction of the cost of operating an internal combustion engine. It is cheaper to just ride a bike or walk. The electric motor is quiet, produces no emissions, has high torque even at low speeds. The scooter is therefore fast in starting, which is especially suitable for city traffic.

It certainly does not offend modern sports design. Large and comfortable seat, plenty of legroom, comfortable handlebar grip, stable and well-sprung chassis, all this is a guarantee of high riding comfort. The machine also includes a support for the passenger.

The maximum range data gives an approximate value that can be achieved under absolutely ideal conditions. In practice, the range is largely influenced by the weight of the driver and other loads, elevation exceeded when driving, weather conditions, road conditions, driving style, frequency of starts (for example at intersections), tire condition (especially inflating), battery condition and many other factors. In extreme conditions, the range can be reduced to less than 50% of the stated value.



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Max. speedy (km/h) 45
Tlak pneumatik max. (bar) 2.3
Drive type rear wheel drive
Max. stoupavost (°) 13
Max. stoupavost (%) 25
Přední světlomet 12V / 35W
Brzdové světlo 12V / 21W
Směrovky 12V / 5W
Tlak pneumatik min. (bar) 2.2
Rozměry ráfku - přední / zadní MT 2,75 × 12 / 2,75 × 12
Seat height (mm) 930
Pneumatiky - přední / zadní 110/70-12 / 120/70-12
Typ pneumatiky bezdušová
Brzdová kapalina DOT 4
Čistá hmotnost bez baterií (kg) 86
Hmotnost včetně baterií (kg) 128
Battery capacity (Ah) 20
Battery - rated voltage (V) 72
Wheel base (mm) 1380
Height (mm) 1110
Brake Front/Rear kotoučové/bubnové
Charger - Output Voltage (V) 87.6
Maximum range (km) 61
Load capacity (kg) 150
Color White metallic shiny
Počet baterií 6× 12V 20Ah
Charging time (hod.) 6 - 8
Hmotnost baterií (kg) 42
Charger - Input Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Charger - Minimum output current (A) 2.5
Width with mirrors - outet (mm) 730
Charger - Max Output Current (A) 2.8
Charger - Operating conditions 0°C - +35°C
Type of engine Brushless motor
Rated motor power (kW) 1.8
Max. engine torque (Nm) 135
Engine speed (RPM) 490
Lenght (mm) 1900
Battery type gel accumulator
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