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HECHT WISE SILVER - electric mobility scooter

Electric mobility scooter for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. El. motor 500 W. Battery 24 V / 40 Ah. Max. speed 15 km/h. Range up to 42 km. Read more ▼

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HECHT WISE SILVER - electric mobility scooter HECHT WISE SILVER - electric mobility scooter

Product description

Electric wheelchair - scooter for the elderly and people with reduced mobility or the disabled. The comfortable chair is adjustable. After a simple press of the lever it can also be turned to make it easier to get on and off. The scooter is controlled by levers on the handlebars, on the control panel it is possible, among other things to limit the maximum speed with a rotary knob. Under the handlebars is a practical basket for storing personal belongings or smaller purchases.

The trolley can be supplemented with a second larger basket behind the seat, but this basket is an optional accessory (not included). This ATV has a load capacity of 150 kg, its maximum speed is 15 km / h. You can easily climb a hill with a maximum inclination of 20°. Range on a single charge is up to 42 km (may be affected by user weight, terrain and other factors) You do not need a driver's license to drive.

For safer movement in the village is scooter equipped with a headlight, turn signals, horn and rear-view mirrors. From the point of view of the law, however, it is not a vehicle and the user is considered as pedestrian. As such, he is obliged to use sidewalks, paths, pedestrian crossings. On the road, only if sidewalks and paths cannot be used, they must still behave like a pedestrian and must not restrict or endanger road traffic.

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