Lawn Mowers


Mowing the grass oftenon large surfaces or only occassionally on smaller lawn areas. You can find the mower suitable for each lawn site and for each user! Since 1994, we supply the high quality lawn mowers which can be – thanks to your suggestions and our direct cooperation with manufacturers – to  adapt to the needs of currenct customers while they ensure the best quality. Our lawn mowers are made from quality components and are designed to mow them was    the most convenient use and to save your time. They …. smooth quick start. Thanks to the special shaped chassis - “EDGE CUTTING“ - it is easy to mow the grass also along to fences and walls. Our lawn mowers.....and easy handling  for almost everyone. All offered lawn mowers, either electric or petrol equipped with high quality engine HECHT, or with engine of some famous brand such as Briggs&Stratton or Honda, will provide sufficient power to mow the large lawn areas with a high or overgrown grass. We guarantee for all offered models also quality service in any customer service from our wide service center network.

58 items

58 items

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