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Accessories tiller for HECHT 1441 - HECHT 00144163

Accessories tiller for HECHT 1441. Part of the Accu program 5040 Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT00144163

Obrázek Accessories tiller for HECHT 1441 - HECHT 00144163

Product description

The HECHT 00144163 is an optional accessory for the HECHT 1441 Cordless Drive Unit. With this small, yet manoeuvrable and powerful cultivator you can easily till the soil in your beds or incorporate compost and fertiliser into the soil.

The machine is powered by a battery-powered electric motor. It is therefore light, quiet and produces no emissions. You are not constrained by any supply cables when working, so the machine is very easy to handle even in confined spaces.

The attachment is built and designed exclusively for the HECHT 1441. For safety reasons, it cannot be combined with any other HECHT machine. In order to avoid the risk of damage to the machine or injury, the shaft is deliberately designed so that the attachment can only be connected to a dedicated drive unit.

Approximate working time on a fully charged 40 V 4 Ah battery: 74 min *

*the value given is only a guide, the actual time is influenced by the type of use, the load and the condition of the battery

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Working width (cm) 25
Weight 6,6 kg
Max. tool speed 200 RPM
Knives diameter 216 mm
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