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The so-called cookies are used within the website. Cookies are small text files containing short data that can be stored on a user's computer when visiting a website. Cookies do not link to other data (including personal data) unless the user has explicitly agreed to such a procedure.

The storage time of cookies on the user's computer is determined by their nature. Some cookies are limited by the duration of the session (so-called session cookies). These cookies only exist as long as the web browser is running and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Other cookies are long-term (so-called "persistent cookies"). These cookies remain in the web browser even after its termination until the set date, or until their manual deletion by the user, if this deletion occurs earlier. Processing time of individual types of cookies, resp. their expiration varies and changes over time. You can find it in your browser settings.

The following cookies are used on the website:

Technical cookies: These are necessary cookies needed to provide functions and services on our website: They ensure, for example, storage of goods in the cart, proper operation of filters, login or access to functions for registered members, etc. These cookies only identify the computer or mobile device. They only store information that does not identify the user. These cookies cannot be disabled.

Marketing cookies: These cookies can be divided into three groups. These are analytical cookies, personalized cookies and advertising cookies. They help us optimize the offer for our customers and reach them with personalized advertising on other sites. These cookies are subject to your consent. You may continue to visit and purchase our site without your consent, but your product videos may be restricted, for example.

Analytical cookies allow us to measure the performance of our website and advertising campaigns. They help us track resources and the number of visits, data is obtained without the use of specific user identifiers. If you turn them off in your browser settings, we lose the ability to analyze the performance of our site and subsequent optimization.

Personalized cookies allow us to tailor the store to your needs. Thanks to them, we can adapt your offer so that, for example, we do not show you unreasonable recommendations or inadequate special offers.

Advertising cookies are used to display appropriate advertising content on our or third-party websites. Based on these cookies, it is usually not possible to identify you, anonymous data is collected. If you do not agree, you will continue to see various ads, but it will not be tailored to your interests and needs.

In order to analytically measure or tailor ads to your interests, it may be possible to store cookies on third parties who may use them to collect data on user behavior on our website, or to customize offers and targeted advertising on third party sites. When playing an embedded video that is stored on sites other than ours, the operator of the website on which the video is located gets the option to store cookies. It may not be possible to play the video without your consent.

The storage of cookies can be disabled in the web browser settings. You can usually find out how cookies can be disabled on the support website of the web browser you are using. However, if a member does so, some features of the website may be unavailable or refusing to store cookies may affect the functionality and user friendliness of the website.