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Accu robotic lawn mower - HECHT 5608

Robotic lawn mower with a width of 18 cm. Li - ion battery, voltage 20 V. Battery capacity 2.5 Ah. Recommended mowing area up to 800 m2. Bluetooth applications Android, iOS. Read more ▼

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Product code: 943789

Accu robotic lawn mower - HECHT 5608 Accu robotic lawn mower - HECHT 5608

Product description

The robotic lawnmower mows your lawn without work. He will leave the garden at regular times and keep your lawn perfectly trimmed at all times. All you have to do is set it up correctly according to the instructions, place the charging station and define the space in which it is to work with a cable. The installation itself does not take more time than mowing the lawn with a normal mower and thus your work ends. The mower then regularly goes out to take care of the lawn at set times. As soon as the mower system detects that the energy in the battery has dropped dangerously, the mower will automatically return to the charging station. After recharging, he continues to work. Equipped with a rain sensor, it can interrupt and delay work if it rains. Thanks to the fact that the mower can mow practically daily, the lawn does not suffer shocks from impact mowing and thrives better. The small pieces of stalks that the mower cuts off, then act as mulch, serving as fertilizer. At the same time, no waste is generated from mowing.

The mower is protected against theft by a PIN code. Without his knowledge, the mower cannot be started, so the mower is unusable for thieves. Completely hidden under the mower, the head rotates with three blades, which could be dangerous when the mower is lifted or overturned. Therefore, the machine is equipped with sensors that ensure that the blades stop immediately when the mower is raised. For other unforeseen situations, the mower is equipped with a large button on the top cover, which can also be stopped immediately at any time. The cutting height can be set from 20 to 60 mm.

The mower is equipped with carbonless motors. For the HECHT 5608, the maximum recommended mowing area is up to 800 m2. The mower leaves to mow at programmed intervals, which the user can set so that the mower does not disturb him in the garden.

The battery is removable and will be compatible with other products of the upcoming acuprogram.

The mower is supplied with a charging base, a charging source, a battery, a 130 m cable for defining the mowing area and locking pins for anchoring the base.

Delimiting cable fed with a mower: 180 m, diameter 0.8118 mm, cross section 0.5176 mm2


The supplied delimiting cable has an optimized cross-section for a given length. Therefore, the cable cannot be set arbitrarily. To increase the mowing area, it is necessary to use a new cable so that it has the required cross-section along its entire length, otherwise there is no guarantee that the cable will reliably transmit the mower control signal along the entire circumference of the mowing area. The mower can then move out of the area or will not mow at all.


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Central adjustment of cutting height Yes
Mulching Yes
Working width (cm) 18
Height adjustment max. (mm) 60
Height adjustment min. (mm) 8
Battery voltage (V) 8
Battery capacity (Ah) 2,5
Battery type Li - ion
Suitable for areas of up to up to 800 m2
Délka vymezovacího kabelu (m) 180
Průřez vymezovacího kabelu (mm2) 0,5176
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