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Composter - HECHT 4600

Garden composter for biological waste, leaves and grass. Ideal for preparing high-quality compost. Capacity 600 litres. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT4600

kompostér na zahradní odpad Composter - HECHT 4600

Product description

HECHT 4600 composter is made of durable plastic. This composter has a capacity of 600 litres, that makes it suitable for composting material from medium-sized gardens. A number of ventilation holes ensure proper decomposition function. The lid of the composter is hinged and has a padlock hole (not included). There is a sliding door at the bottom of each of the four walls for easy removal of the compost. The compost can thus be conveniently and evenly removed from all sides. The composter has no bottom, thus ensuring free access for micro-organisms and small animals from the ground, which are important for speeding up the composting process. A suitable accelerator can be used in this composter to further speed up the composting process.

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Length 80 cm
Height 108 cm
Capacity 600 l
Width 80 cm
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