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Electric lawn mower with self propelled system - HECHT 1803 S 5 in 1

Electric lawn mower with self propelled system. Working width: 46 cm. Power input 1800 W. Collecting box: 60 l. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT1803S5IN1

Electric lawn mower with self propelled system - HECHT 1803 S 5 in 1 Electric lawn mower with self propelled system - HECHT 1803 S 5 in 1

Product description

HECHT 1803 S 5 in 1 is an electric rotary lawn mower with minimum maintenance and maximum equipment, which is a worthy opponent in many paramaters even to powerful petrol lawn mowers. Drive to this lawn mower ensures an electric TURBO engine with high torque input power of 1800W.

The base of this product is metal chassis, which has not only sufficient rigidity but also ensures to operator sufficient protection from any objects, accidentally throwns by the knife. The powerful electric engine ensures not only blade rotation but also drive of the rear wheels to selfpropelled system. Recommended area for maintenance is to 1200m². The travel speed is 3,6 km/h and a working width of 460mm is more then sufficient. The cutting height adjustment can be set centrally by only lever in the range from 30 to 75mm.

High-quality handle can be easily disassembled or folded at any time, thanks to the butterfly nuts. The handle is also equipped with a sophisticated system of height adjustment, which can be also used for its quick folding for parking. The big advantage is the placing of a switch lever and a lever of self propelled system; they are placed parallel to handlebar over the whole width. This design makes possible to hold the lawn mower by one hand and the other hand can f.e. hold a power cable. Course the product is equiped also with a safety button, preventing unintentional starting and a cable strain relief.

Equipment includes also the mulching kit. It allows by a few seconds to change the function of lawn mowing to mulching. Special designed knife cuts the grass to small clippings. These grass clippings then pass through the roots of the grass, where will be decomposing and will have used as a natural fertilizer. Interesting is that the mulched grass does not make a felt, on the contrary, it protects the lawn against loss of moisture and thereby supports its healthy growth.

After lift of the cover places on the side of the chassis, can be the lawn mower equipped with a tunnel for the safe side discharge, which is especially useful when cutting a higher grass of not well maintained lawn or during mulching. Thanks to the side discharge system, the user can not walk in mown grass and the lawn mower is not so often clogged.

An interesting function is “EDGE CUTTING“. Thanks to the cleverly shaped chassis can lawn mower maintain also the areas along walls and fences, when the knives reach almost to the border of the lawn. Finishing of the lawn after the mowing is, f.e. by using of a suitable trimmer, then substantially easier and faster, and in many cases is finishing not necessary.

HECHT designers had paid attention also to 60 L grass collector with a mechanical indicator of grass filling level. The grass collector is equipped with a small flap places in the rear, which is lifted by an air, flows from the rotor. Thanks to changes in air flows, depending on the level of grass filling, this flap changes its position and the user has constant overview about the collector´s filling.

Despite the really quality design and a quantity of functions has this lawn mower a nice weight of 26,4kg. A small disadvantage is need of the power supply cable, which is, however, compensated by simplicity of operation and maintenance. The common combustion engines of petrol lawn mowers must be regularly checked, adjusted, needs add oil, etc., an eletric engine is almost maintenance free, it is obviously reduces also demands on operation and operating costs.

The texts referred to the functions of this product, can not be used as an instruction manual. When use of this product, please, follows the user´s manual which is supplied with the product.

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Edge cutting Yes
Volume of collecting box (l) 60
Engine Komutátorový 230 V/ 50 Hz
Mulching Ano
Adjustable handle Ne
Side ejection Ano
Self propelled Ano
Power input (W) 1800
Weight (kg) 26.4
Working width (cm) 46
Height adjustment max. (mm) 75
Chassis Kov
Height adjustment min. (mm) 30
Start Elektrický
Gearbox - forward 1
Wheels (front/rear) 8/11
Speed (km/h) 3.6
Ball bearings in the wheels Ano
Auto cleaning Ne
Friction clutch on the knife 0
Max. tool speed (RPM) 3100
Central adjustment of cutting height Ano
Drive Elektrický motor
Suitable for areas of up to up to 1200 m2
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