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Extension shaft - HECHT 00144166

The extension shaft for HECHT 1441, suitable for use with chainsaw or hedge trimmer adapter. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT00144166

Obrázek Extension shaft - HECHT 00144166

Product description

Adapter HECHT 00144166 is an optional accessory for HECHT 1441 – accu power unit. This extension shaft is designed for extension of the basic shaft with chainsaw or hedge trimmer adapter. It allows to work with the tool at heights exceeding 3m, if use a chainsaw adapter, then up to 4 m high. However, for a safety reasons, never use more than one extension shaft. Additional extension will make difficult to handle with a machine safely; another extension also increase the weight on the shaft.

The machine is powered by an electric engine and battery. It is therefore lightweight, quiet and produces no emissions. You are not limited by supply cables, so the machine is well handled even in confined spaces.

This adapter was designed and produced exclusively for model HECHT 1441. For safety reasons, it is not possible to combine it with any other HECHT machine. The shaft design allows it to be connected only to intended power unit, to avoid the damage of the machine or injury of operator.

ACCU program 5040

This product is part of the ACCU program 5040, where you have the unique chance to operate several different types of machines with one type of battery; and thus save your many. All products marked with the ACCU program 5040 label are fully compatible with the battery 005040B and 005024B. The batteries and chargers are supplied with some lawn mowers in ACCU program 5040 or can be purchased separately. The main benefit is not only reduction of purchase costs when using only one battery to power many of various products but also a fact that you can use the battery throughout its life-time. You do not need to waste your money on different products with diferent batteries, which are  – for most of their lifetime- stored and unused.

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Length 72 cm
Weight 0,6 kg
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