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Fan with air ionizer - HECHT 3736

Electric column rotary ventilator with air ionizer. 3 ventilation speeds, power consumption 60 W. Height 92 cm. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT3736

Fan with air ionizer  - HECHT 3736 Fan with air ionizer - HECHT 3736

Product description


Column fan ideal for every home
Possibility of oscillating the fan body for optimal directing of the air flow
3 air flow rates
Ionizer function
Remote control included
Blue backlit display
Possibility to turn off the display for comfortable sleeping
Above-standard power consumption of 60 W for ventilation without compromise

HECHT 3736 is a quiet fan, which thanks to the integrated air ionizer you will appreciate not only on hot summer days.

It can be controlled on the panel directly on the top of the fan, or using the remote control. The set modes are shown on the control panel display. This display also shows the current room temperature. The display lights up blue, but if, for example, it disturbs you during sleep at night, it is possible to switch off the lighting with a single press of a button. The air speed can be set in three steps. The fan blows in static mode, or it is possible to set the rotary - oscillating mode. It is also possible to set the sleep timer after 1 to 12 hours.

Air ionizer function

It is possible to switch on the ionization of the air with negative ions at the fan. Why are negative ions so beneficial to our body? In nature, both negative and positive ions commonly occur in the air, which are represented in approximately equal proportions. However, in the environment in which we live, this balance is often disturbed. Electronic devices, televisions, computers, printers, copiers, plastics, and other devices and materials that we commonly use in the home or workplace significantly increase the presence of positive ions.

Positive ions are demonstrably harmful to the body. Together with free radicals, they cause oxidation of cells, which results in their damage and aging. They increase the acidity of the blood, which produces lactic acid, resulting in fatigue, poor concentration, difficulty breathing, sleep disorders, high blood pressure and many other problems. The nervous and immune systems are weakened, and long-term exposure to positive ions can lead to the ingress of tumor cells and cancer.

Negative ions neutralize positive ions. In nature, there is an increase in negative ions, for example during a storm. We all know for sure how the air is "cleaned" after the storm, we breathe better, we feel fresher. Negative ions support the immune system, reduce the occurrence of free radicals. Thanks to the ionizer, you will achieve better mental well-being, better concentration and increased performance. Negative ions make breathing easier, reduce the feeling of fatigue and ensure a peaceful sleep.

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