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High pressure hose - HECHT 000317

15m high pressure hose for pipe cleaning, also known as "mole". Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT000317

vysokotlaká hadice pro čištění potrubí High pressure hose - HECHT 000317

Product description

The High Pressure Hose 000317 - 15 m known as the Mole or also as the pipe cleaner, is a pressure hose with a multi-directional nozzle to aid its forward movement and enable cleaning of drains, sewers, gutters and other pipes. The work is facilitated by a marking ring for mapping the progress in the pipe. This flexible quality hose for easy cleaning is reinforced with a textile weave with a short brass nozzle to ensure maximum mobility in pipes. Suitable for use in the home and outdoors .

Can be used only with pressure washers: HECHT 316 HECHT 317 (from the year of production 2014) HECHT 318 (reduction included in the delivery of the washer) and with reduction Hecht 318326 (must be purchased) HECHT 326 HECHT 3220.

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