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Petrol generator - HECHT GG 10000

Three-phase power plant. Maximum output 8500 W, continuous output 7500 W. Sockets 1x 400 V, 2 x 230 V, 1 x12 V Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHTGG10000

Benzínový generátor HECHT GG 10000 Petrol generator - HECHT GG 10000

Product description


  • three-phase electricity generator
  • 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine
  • 2x 230V 16A socket (10A circuit breaker), 1x three-phase 400V socket, 1x 12V DC socket
  • electronic ignition with key (including the possibility of manual starting with a cable)
  • digital voltmeter
  • large wheels and folding handle for easy transportation and handling
  • high quality alternator
  • AVR (automatic voltage regulation) included
  • overload and low oil protection included
  • 25 litre metal fuel tank resistant to mechanical damage
  • tank capacity is sufficient for 8 hours of operation when fully charged

HECHT GG 10000 is a quiet and stable power generator. It is equipped with two standard 230 V/50 Hz sockets (10 A circuit breaker) and one three-phase 400 V/50 H socket. You will also find a 12 V DC output on the panel, which can be used, for example, for charging lead-acid batteries. The two 230 V sockets can be used for powering standard single-phase appliances, while the three-phase 400 V socket is mainly used for driving equipment with powerful three-phase motors. In the short term it is possible to draw up to 8500 W of power from the control panel (for example, for electric motors), permanently the control panel delivers a maximum power of 7500 W. It is equipped with AVR regulation (Automatic Voltage Regulation), which prevents voltage fluctuations when the load of the control panel changes.

The generator is equipped with an electric starter, so that starting is done by turning the key in the ignition box similar to a car. There is also the option of manual starting with a push-button in case the battery should run down, for example.

The central unit is housed in a steel tube frame, which is equipped with running wheels and a tilting handle. This makes the 102 kg machine very easy to handle. These parameters make the central unit suitable for use as a source of electrical energy for construction sites, for example, and it can also be used as a backup source for driving the electrical components of some solid fuel boilers, etc.

The voltage output characteristics of the power plant differ from those of a conventional power grid. WThat os why we strongly recommend you to consult the manufacturer or dealer of certain electronic equipment (e.g. computers, modern TVs, etc.) for power supply options. Some electrical equipment may draw several times the normal operating current for a short period of time when started up; for appliances such as electric motors and other devices using induction, this may be more than three times the normal power for a short period of time. As a rough guide, the so-called starting coefficient can be used for the calculation, which must be multiplied by the normal input power of the connected appliance. Then, for example, we multiply appliances such as a hair dryer, heat gun, fryer, blender, oven, iron, toaster, vacuum cleaner, table lamp by 1. Coefficient 2 is then generally applied to electric lawnmowers, angle grinders, hedge trimmers, electric saws, washing machines, etc. For compressors, pressure washers, concrete mixers, a coefficient of 3 usually applies; for refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners, the coefficient may exceed 3. In practice, we can roughly calculate that an appliance with an input of 600 W and a coefficient of 2 requires a maximum central power of at least 1 200 W.

Average fuel consumption:

At 50% load - 2.4 l/h

At 100% load - 3.8 l/h

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Drive Petrol engine
Engine HECHT 4-taktní
Max. power output 8500 W
Steady power output 7500 W
Noise level 73,4 dB
Fuel tank capacity 25 l
Recommended oil HECHT 5W-40
Nominal engine power according to SAE J1940 8,8 kW
Displacement 459 cm3
Weight 102
Voltage 2x ~230V-16 A / 50 Hz, 1x ~400V-16 A / 50 Hz, =12V
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