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Petrol snow thrower - HECHT 9666

Two-stage petrol snow blower powered by a 252 cm3 engine. Power 7 HP. Shot 66 x 54 cm. Ejection distance 15 m. Weight 110 kg.   Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT9666

Petrol snow thrower - HECHT 9666 Petrol snow thrower - HECHT 9666

Product description

HECHT 9666 is a highly fitted two-stage snow-blower with a travel system. As a propulsion unit, the HECHT OHV is a 252 cm3 gasoline engine with a power output of 7 HP, which is a great workmanship in winter conditions. The engine start can be done manually or with an electric starter from the integrated battery. A high-quality transmission allows 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. Rubber belts with tread pattern are used to drive. Adjustable gliders on the sides of the bunker also provide convenient and easy maneuverability while also adjusting the safe height of the milling cutter over the surface.

The core of the cutter itself is a truly robust metal bunker that hides two 66 cm wide and 54 cm high cutters. Thanks to its robust design, the teeth of the milling cutter can also be bite into the icy snow, which is driven at high speed into the chimney and dropped to a distance of 15 m. The discharge chimney is fully controlled from the operator's seat - the direction of the cut can be controlled in the 190 ° loop under the main handle , the height and length of the casting by the lever directly on the main control panel of the handlebars. The next element on the taskbar is the shift lever. All the controls directly from the operator's area are easily accessible during operation. Heated handles then give warmth to your hands. Thanks to its built-in headlamp, work is comfortable even in early morning or late afternoon and night hours. With this milling cutter you can never snap your snow.

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Drive Petrol engine
Headlight Yes, LED
Max. distance snow throw (m) 15
Max. snow depth (cm) 54
Max. tool speed (RPM) 120
Fuel tank capacity (l) 3,5
Operating speed of engine (RPM) 3600
Nominal engine power according to SAE J1940 (kW) 5,2
Gearbox - reverse 2
Engine Hecht 4-stroke
Gearbox - forward 6
Start Electric / manual
Heated handgrip Yes
Displacement (cm3) 252
Working width (cm) 66
Weight (kg) 110
Self propelled Yes
Chimney setting (degrees) 190
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