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Reciprocating saw - HECHT 1575

Electric reciprocating saw. Power consumption 1050 W. Speed without load 0 - 2500 rpm. Cutting depth 150 mm (wood), 10 mm (iron). Weight 3.4 kg. Included in the package is 1 saw blade for wood and 1 for metal, Allen key. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT1575

Reciprocating saw - HECHT 1575 Reciprocating saw - HECHT 1575

Product description


  • Robust and powerful assistant to each workshop
  • Superb engine 1050 W
  • Max. cutting depth metal 10 mm, wood 150 mm
  • Stroke 28 mm
  • Variable electronically controlled speeds without load 0-2500 / min
  • Indication of the device connection to the power supply
  • Rapid switching of saw blades without the need for a key
  • Lock the switch when working in less accessible locations or when working in difficult positions
  • Also included is saw blade for metal and wood saw blade

Electric reciprocating saw HECHT 1575 suitable for sawing wood, plastic, metal. It is powered by an electric motor with a power input of 1050 W, the unloaded speed is 0-2500 / min. It will surely find use in the workshop of every DIY where it takes a simple task lasting a few seconds for the lengthy and hard work of cutting. Whether cutting a board, cutting off a hole or cutting a steel beam, you can do everything in a quick and easy way. With suitable saw blades it is possible to cut wood to a depth of 150 mm or iron to a thickness of 10 mm. The weight of the saw is 3.4 kg. 1 saw blade for wood and 1 piece of saw blade for iron are included in the saw.


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Drive Electric motor
Engine Electric 230 V/50 Hz
Power input (W) 1050
Weight (kg) 3,4
Cutting depth 150 mm (dřevo), 10 mm (železo)
Otáčky bez zatížení (ot/min) 0 - 2500
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