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Retro look e-scooter - HECHT CITIS WHITE

Engine 3000W. Max. speed 45 km/h. Set of 72 V / 20 Ah batteries. Range up to 60 km. Approved for operation on public roads (COC list) Read more ▼

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Obrázek (1) Retro look e-scooter - HECHT CITIS WHITE

Product description

An electric scooter offers several fundamental advantages. The main ones are usually economic and ecological operation. Often, however, other quite significant advantages are neglected, such as high reliability, easy maintenance and, last but not least, reasonable acquisition costs. And to this we can add other advantages, which are the same as with classic scooters. For example, a traffic jam for a scooter is usually not a problem, just as easily you can park the scooter practically anywhere.

All this and maybe a little more is brought by the HECHT CITIS electric scooter.

At first glance, HECHT CITIS impresses with its retro look. It is, of course, equipped with everything you need for road traffic. The upper side of the headlight is dominated by a clear digital tachometer, which clearly displays all the necessary information such as speed, mileage, light indicators or battery charge status.

All controls are located directly on the handlebars, accessible by the thumb without the operator having to release the handlebars. For the left handle, it is standard control of lights, turn signals and horn, for the right handle, these are functions that are no longer so common with scooters. For example, it is a speed limiter switch. This makes it possible to set the maximum speed to 25 or 45 km / h. For many, it will be a surprise that they will also find a button here that can be used to activate reverse. The scooter is then easy to handle if, for example, you need to slide down the door uphill, etc.

The switch box is located on the right under the handlebars. The lock is equipped with a metal flap that prevents anyone from damaging the lock. It cannot be opened without the original key. However, the lock does not only serve as a switch box, turning the key to the left also unlocks the storage space under the seat. Of course, there is also the possibility of locking the steering - handlebars.

Under the handlebars in the footwell is a practical luggage hook and a small space with a lock to store small items. Not to be missed is the large and comfortable seat. At the front under the seat there is a connector for connecting the charger, on the sides there are folding footrests for passengers.

Due to the fact that the scooter is powered by batteries, any energy savings will be reflected in the range of the machine. That's why turn signals and tail lights are equipped with modern energy-saving LEDs.

The scooter is powered by a set of maintenance-free, lead - gel batteries, whose total voltage is 72 V and a capacity of 20 Ah. This, in conjunction with a 3000 W electric motor, is sufficient for a maximum range of up to 60 km on a single charge. The actual range then of course depends on the driving style, the weight of the driver or passenger, and of course the terrain. The maximum load of the machine is 150 kg. The total weight of the scooter, including the batteries, is 130 kg (the batteries themselves weigh 42 kg).

The electric motor is completely hidden in the rear wheel disc. The front and rear disc brakes.

The maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h so that the machine meets the requirements for operation with a driving license of group AM which can be obtained from 15 years.

Approved for operation on public roads (COC list)


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Max. speedy (km/h) 45
Tlak pneumatik max. (bar) 2,3
Drive type rear wheel drive
Max. stoupavost (°) 15
Přední světlomet 12V, 35/35 W
Brzdové světlo LED
Směrovky LED
Tlak pneumatik min. (bar) 2,2
Rozměry ráfku - přední / zadní MT 2,75 × 12 / 2,75 × 12
Seat height (mm) 810
Pneumatiky - přední / zadní 110/70-12 / 120/70-12
Typ pneumatiky bezdušová
Brzdová kapalina DOT 4
Čistá hmotnost bez baterií (kg) 88
Hmotnost včetně baterií (kg) 130
Battery capacity (Ah) 20
Battery - rated voltage (V) 72
Wheel base (mm) 1365
Height (mm) 1140
Brake Front/Rear kotoučová
Hmotnost baterií (kg) 42
Maximum range (km) 60
Maximum engine power (kW) 3
Load capacity (kg) 150
Color White metallic shiny
Počet baterií 6× 12V 20Ah
Charging time (hod.) 6 - 8
Charger - Input Voltage 110/220 V
Width with mirrors - outet (mm) 700
Charger - Output Voltage (V) 72
Charger - Minimum output current (A) 2,5
Type of engine Brushless motor
Rated motor power (kW) 3
Max. engine torque (Nm) 120
Engine speed (RPM) 580
Lenght (mm) 1875
Battery type gel accumulator
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