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Tiller - HECHT 7025

Cordless cultivator / motor hoe. Working width 20 cm, 4 x 4 cultivation knives. Weight 3.4 kg. BATTERY AND CHARGER NOT INCLUDED. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT7025

Tiller - HECHT 7025 Tiller - HECHT 7025

Product description

Cordless cultivator suitable for loosening the soil in flower beds and greenhouses. It is powered by a 20 V battery (not included), so you are not limited by power cables when working. Steel coulters have a working area of ​​20 cm and managed to loosen the soil to a depth of 15 - 20 cm.

The cultivator can be used in small vegetable and ornamental flower beds or in a greenhouse.


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