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Accu motorbike for kids - BMW R1200RT POLICE

Battery 12V / 7Ah. Speed ​​3 - 6 km/h. MP3, light and sound effects. Front-reverse gear. Flashing lights and horn. Realistic engine sound. Maximum weight capacity 30 kg. Recommended age 3 - 8 years. Read more ▼

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Product code: BMWR1200RTPOLICE

Obrázek Accu motorbike for kids - BMW R1200RT POLICE

Product description

Original BMW licensed vehicle. A police motorcycle is probably every boy's dream. Especially if it is equipped with real horns and beacons.

The motorbike is started with the key. The sound of the engine starting is heard and the on-board alarms light up as soon as you turn the key. There is a control panel with buttons on the tank. These can be used to switch the beacons on and off, start the horn sound, engine sound and music. A three-position switch on the panel toggles the speed and another switch toggles between forward and reverse. The motorcycle is controlled by a pedal under the right foot. This allows the child to hold the handlebars firmly. He can then store all the necessary items in the storage compartments in the side cases.

The motorcycle is designed for children from 3 to 8 years old. Its weight capacity is 30 kg. The maximum speed is 3 - 6 km/h. It is powered by a 12V / 7 Ah battery. The battery is fully charged in approximately 8 - 12 hours with the supplied charger. The running time is approximately 1 - 2 hours depending on the weight of the child and the terrain.

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Speed (km/h) 3 - 6
Battery 12 V / 7 Ah
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