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Accu motorbike for kids - BMW S1000RR - Grey

Children accu bike. Original licensed BMW. Maximum load 30 kg. For children from 3 to 8 years. Speed 3 - 6 km/h. Read more ▼

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Product code: BMWS1000RR-GREY

BMW S1000RR GREY motocykl Accu motorbike for kids - BMW S1000RR - Grey

Product description

BMW S1000RR Grey is a children's cordless motorcycle with original licensed BMW design. The sporty, predatory look based on a real motorcycle is sure to excite not only young children, but also all enthusiasts of single-track fast machines. The motorcycle has a solid metal frame, hard rubber tyres, leatherette saddle, rubber grips on the handlebars. There is a space for 2 AAA sound effects module batteries under the speedometer on the handlebars. There are two buttons on the sides of the speedometer: the left one triggers the horn, the right one triggers the sound of the sport bike engine.

The ignition box with the actual key is used as the main switch and is located in the cover under the right handlebar. There is the speed switch under the left handlebar for selecting the maximum speed from 3 to 6 km/h.  The vehicle is controlled by a pedal on the right footrest. This was to take into account the control by small children who might have difficulty holding the handlebars firmly while controlling the acceleration handle with their hand. The motorcycle is powered by a pair of electric motors with a power of 2 x 35 W, which are powered by a 12V/7Ah battery. The battery is fully charged in approximately 8 - 12 hours with the supplied charger. The running time is approximately 1 - 2 hours depending on the weight of the child and the terrain.

The motorcycle is designed for children from 3 to 8 years old. Its carrying capacity is 30 kg. The motorcycle can be equipped with auxiliary wheels for small children who do not yet have a good balance. And the auxiliary wheels can be removed and the supplied folding stand can be attached in their place for larger children.

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Length 110 cm
Engine 2 x 35 W
Weight 14,6 kg
Height 70 cm
Width 52 cm
Load capacity 30 kg
Battery 12 V/ 7 Ah
Speed 3 - 6 km/h
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