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HECHT 2080 - oil free compressor

Very quiet, oil free compressor. Power consumption 800 W, power 150 l / min. Airplane 24 l, max. Pressure 8 bar.   Celý popis ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT2080

Obrázek HECHT 2080 - oil free compressor

Product description

An electric oil free silent compressor suitable for smaller workshops and garages. Pressure of the 24 liter tank is assured by the compressor triggering by means of a pressure switch. The maximum pressure is 8 bar. The compressor is powered by a 230 V / 50 Hz electric motor with a power input of 0.8 kW.

The sound pressure level is LwA 80 dB. Do not, however, mislead this value, it is a value measured according to standard conditions. Real noise is comparable to the conversation volume of two people. In the garage or workshop you may not even notice that the compressor is on.

Another advantage is the absence of oil in the compressor. This, on the one hand, facilitates maintenance related to the inspection, replenishment and oil change of conventional oil compressors, and oil can not penetrate into the air. With oil compressors, less or more oil may be delivered to the compressed air at any time, which may be undesirable.


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