HECHT GG 3300 - Petrol Generator

HECHT GG 3300 - Petrol Generator

Petrol powered electricity generator  with power output of 7 HP. Stable power 2600 W, max. power 3000 W. Tank for 15 litres of petrol.


Parameter Description
Displacement 208 cm3
Drive Petrol engine
Motor Hecht 4-stroke
Power output 7 HP
Max. power output 3000 W
Steady power output 2600 W
Voltage 2 x ~230 V / 50 Hz, 1 x =12 V
Noise level 96 dB
Weight 46,5 kg

Product description

HECHT GG 3300 is a medium petrol generator, powered by 4-stroke engine with an power output of 7 HP, and displacement of 208cm³. The generator is equipped with a control panel including a control analog voltmeter, a pair of classic sockets for connecting of aplliance with 230V/50Hz, between which is placed also safety clip for a voltage earthing. Both sockets are protected against overload by circuit braker. On the control panel is also placed another socket 12V, which can be loaded by appliance with power input of 12V and can be also used to charge of some 12V battery types. This socket isnt equipped with a variable charging so you need to check the battery charging level continuously and timely disconnect. Also this socket is protected by the circuit braker.

The permanent power is 2600W, but may be temporarily loaded up to maximum power output of 3000W, by starting power of some appliances.

The generator is fixed in the base frame by the rubber blocks, which reduces unnecessary vibrations. This frame also allows its easy carry, a product weight is 46,5kg. The sound level is 96dB.

This model is equiped with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) which prevents the voltage fluctuation in case the change of the load.


The generator has a fuel tank in volume of 15 l, thereby allows up to 15 hours of operation without necessity of the fuel refill. It is ideal as an emergency power unit in case of the calamity and for using in places where is electricity not available. It can be used also as a standby power unit for circulation pump of some solid fuel boilers, etc.

An output voltage characteristics are different from usual electricity; thus you should consult the options of charges, especially regarding sensitive electronic appliances (such as a computer, modern TV, etc), with the manufacturer or dealer.

Some electrical appliances, when starting, can take for a short time more electric power then in normal operating; electric motor and other appliances using an induction, can take for a short time three times more power then normal input power. It is possible to calculate approx. required power by “starting coefficient“, which can be multiplied by normal input power of connected appliance. Then, for example, a coefficient 1 will be multiplied by appliances such as a hair dryer, a heat gun,  fryer, blender, oven, iron, toaster, vacuum cleaner and a table lamp. Coefficient 2 then applies generally to electric lawn mowers, grinder, hedge trimmer, electric chainsaw, washer etc. Coefficient 3 applies usualy to compressors, pressure washers and mixers but f.e. refrigerators, freezers or air-conditioner may even exceed the coefficient 3. In practice it means, then an appliance with power input 600W and coefficient of 2, requires maximum power output of generator at 1200W at least.





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