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Petrol brushcutter - HECHT 155

Petrol brushcutter. Working width: 45.5 cm. Engine volume: 51.7 ccm. Fixed shaft mounting.   Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT155

Obrázek Petrol brushcutter - HECHT 155

Product description


Quality powerful petrol engine 51.7 ccm
String head included
Massive construction
Easy operation thanks to large and robust wheels.
Possibility to set the cutting angle by 45 degrees. Thanks to this, you can also easy acces to the edges of the sidewalk or fence.
Possibility to purchase a brush for cleaning snow, dust, dirt from the sidewalk - Hecht 000155
Suitable for older users. Thanks to the wheels you don't have to wear the brushcutter on your shoulders.

The multifunctional motorized string trimmer HECHT 155 is an ideal helper for finishing after the main mowing around flower beds, fences, trees, walls, etc.

Working with a conventional motor trimmer suspended from a shoulder strap can be physically strenuous. The weight of the machine in conjunction with the transmitted vibrations places high demands on the physical fitness of the operator and is the cause of rapid fatigue. The HECHT 155 therefore comes with a solution. The machine is equipped with large aluminum wheels, which move very easily even in not completely flat terrain. You will surely be surprised by the dexterity of the whole machine.

The drive unit with shaft and string head is mounted on the chassis on a rotating system. It can be set in three positions. For normal mowing, the string head is in the middle of the machine, for mowing by walls, fences and other obstacles, it can be tilted to the left or right.

More precise guidance of the string head just above the ground is facilitated by the rear adjustable auxiliary wheel.

The required power will be provided by a two-stroke petrol engine with a capacity of 51.7 cm3 and power output of 1.5 kW (2 HP). The total weight of the machine is 15.5 kg. All the weight is transferred to the wheels and its control is very easy, accurate and comfortable . Thanks to the petrol engine, the trimmer is suitable for use in places where electricity is not available.

As an optional accessory is possible to buy a rotary brush HECHT 000155 which can be installed instead of a shaft with a string head.

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Drive Petrol engine
Engine HECHT 2-stroke
Weight (kg) 15,5
Working width (cm) 45,5
Displacement (cm3) 51,7
Separable shaft Ne
Síla struny (mm) 2,4
Maximum engine power (kW) 1,5
Maximum engine power (HP) 2
Max. otáčky motoru (ot/min) 9500
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