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Electric snow thrower - HECHT 9181 E

HECHT 9181E is a single-stage electric snow blower designed for the snow clearing. Its design is identical with product HECHT 9181 however, this version (marked by E) is equiped by front headlight. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT9181E

Elektrická sněhová fréza HECHT 9181E Electric snow thrower - HECHT 9181 E

Product description

HECHT 9181E is a single-stage electric snow blower designed for the snow clearing anywhere withing reach of the power supply. Its design is identical with product HECHT 9181 however, this version (marked by E) is supplemented with a practical headlight.

In winter, when are the bad weather conditions expected, and you work in early morning or late afternoon without another lighting availability; therefore is using of integrated headlight necessary for safe and comfortable work.


Using of an electric commutated engine reduces demands on maintenance and operating, and this silent engine also ensures sufficient torque and power output at work in the deep snow, without stopping. The power input is 1800W.

The wheels placed at the rear of housing ensures easy handling and so an auger moves the machine  slightly forward; thus can partially substitutes the self-propelled system and the operator can not push the mashine so much. Regarding to very easy operation is this snow blower suitable also for older people and women. Working width is 45 cm (inner 40cm) and can removes even 25 cm of snow cover. The working speed of an auger is 2500rpm so it can easily clear the snow up to 180m² per hour.

The housing made from quality durable plastic gives the machine weight of only 15kg. The metal construction of an auger is equipped with hard PVC rubber, which minimizes the possibility of damage of underlying  surfaces and makes the clearing fast and efficient. The snow blower is primarily designed for clearing of the snow from driveways, pavements and entrances from various surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, pavement and so on. The machine can no be used for snow removal from unpaved surfaces with potholes, rocks and others, which could damage an auger. This product - compared with 2-stage snowblower equipped with saw-toothed steel auger, can not clear the hard-packed and icy snow. However, the snow cover from the flat surfaces removes almost pefectly to the underlaying surface, which the other ones with the steel auger usually can not.

Snow throwing direction is guided by the chute, which is easily adjustable in range of 180º by the lever placed under the operators handle. Practical is also radial design of the nuts which allows easy assembly and disassembly of the handles. Another handle, placed right on the machine body, makes it easy to carry and store.


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Drive Electric motor
Engine Elektrický 230 V/ 50 Hz
Max. distance snow throw (m) 6
Max. snow depth (cm) 25
Max. clearing capacity (m3 / h) 180
Width (mm) 450
Max. tool speed (RPM) 2500
Headlight Ano
Heated handgrip No
Working width (cm) 40
Weight (kg) 15.2
Power input (W) 1800
Self propelled Ne
Chimney setting (degrees) 190
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