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Accu Quad - HECHT 51060 BLUE

Accu ATV, 6 "wheels with tires, disc brakes, battery 36V / 12Ah, 1060W motor. Speed max 35 km / h, flag HECHT This vehicle is not suitable for use on public highways!   Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT51060BLUE

Obrázek Accu Quad - HECHT 51060 BLUE

Product description


  • quality and design well done
  • powerful electric motor
  • 3 x 12V batteries guarantee long travel approximately 13 to 18km (depending on load and terrain)
  • the quad bike is automatic, it is only forward or reverse
  • thanks to a quiet and environmentally friendly electric motor, you can ride almost anywhere on a quad bike, for example, to go out with a kid for a walk in a park where you can not get a petrol quad
  • The license plate and the popular Hecht flag will distinguish your ATV from others


HECHT 51060 is a accu ATV designed for leisure activities. The front wheels are equipped with mechanical disc brakes controlled by the lever on the handlebars. The lever has the ability to lock in a locked state, so it can be used for parking. The rear wheels are firmly on the rear axle along with a 1060-watt electric motor and gearbox. Therefore, a chain transmission is not used, which significantly improves the service life and reliability of the machine. A mechanical disc brake is also located on the rear axle. Both rear wheels occupy and brake at the same time, the differential is unnecessary for the machine of this weight and size. At the same time, thanks to this solution, the quad bike can easily tighten the trailer, which can be optionally purchased.

The base of the accu ATV is a solid steel frame. The rear axle is coupled with the engine on the swinging swingarm. The front wheels are suspended on separate spring arms.

The  is equipped with a speed limiter, which is controlled by a three-stage keyless cabinet. Without the key, the limiter can not be switched. This ensures that a driver with a lack of experience can not arbitrarily control the maximum speed you set it. The maximum speed is up to 35 km / h

The electric drive is totally silent, no emissions, so it will not be a problem, and it can also be used in many places where the use of internal combustion engine machines is forbidden. On the forest paths, no wild animals do not pollute. Avoid neighbors' complaints about the noise and odor of gasoline flue gas.

The movement and speed are controlled by rotating the right handrail on the handlebar, just like a motorcycle. The forward and backward direction is set by the switch that is also on the handlebar. At the place where you find the tank lid on a motorized machine, there is a LED signaling that shows the battery charge status. There are also lights and a horn.

This accu ATV is not a means of transport and must therefore not be operated on public roads.

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Battery voltage (V) 36
Battery capacity (Ah) 12
Max. speedy (km/h) 35
Charging time (hod.) 8
Load capacity (kg) 70
Electric engine (W) 1060
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