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HECHT 128 BTS - petrol brush cutter

Practical and light motor brushcutter with a width of 25.5 / 43 cm and a power of 0.75 kW (1.1 HP) with a string head and a metal disc. Weight 6.5 kg. Engine capacity 25.4 cm3. Celý popis ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT128BTS

HECHT 128 BTS - petrol brush cutter HECHT 128 BTS - petrol brush cutter

Product description

Practical and light motor brushcutter with string head and metal disc. The machine is equipped with a 2-stroke petrol engine with an output of 0.75 kW (1.1 HP), which can reliably handle even denser vegetation. Thanks to the high-quality bevel gear, power is safely and reliably transmitted to the cutting deck. For easier cold starting, the engine is equipped with a primer (fuel feed pump to the carburetor) and a choke.

The cutting width is 25.5 / 43 cm depending on the tool used - the machine is equipped with a high-quality three-armed metal disc and a two-string semi-automatic head with a string cutter - if the string is worn, just tap the spun string head on the ground and the string will automatically extend. The cutter then automatically adjusts it to the required length. So you don't have to constantly extend the string by hand during mowing.

For a comfortable and safe grip when working, the handle handles are ergonomically shaped and provided with a non-slip layer, the gas switch is also equipped with a safety catch. The entire handle can be adjusted to the optimal angle according to the user's figure. Thanks to the low weight of only 6.5 kg and the adjustable shoulder strap for hanging, the work with the brushcutter is pleasant and does not unnecessarily strengthen.

For better storage and transport, the machine is equipped with an easily divisible shaft, thanks to which it can be folded in half at speed. The package also includes small tools for replacing the metal disc and string head.

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Drive Petrol engine
Engine Hecht 2-stroke
Weight (kg) 6,5
Displacement (cm3) 25,4
Power output (HP) 1.1
Separable shaft Manual
Recommended oil HECHT 2T
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.6
Síla struny (mm) 2.4
Power output (kW) 0.7
Otáčky strunové hlavy (ot./min) 6600
Otáčky nožového kotouče(ot./min) 7100
Otáčky motoru (ot./min) 7500
Pracovní záběr struny (mm) 430
Pracovní záběr nože (mm) 255
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