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HECHT 3611 - rotary ceramic heater

Rotating ceramic heater with remote control. Power consumption 1200/2200 W. air temperature up to 130 ° C Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT3611

Obrázek HECHT 3611 - rotary ceramic heater

Product description


  • Designer electric heater with ceramic heater
  • Ideal for heating rooms and offices
  • Power consumption 2200 W
  • Maximum air outlet temperature 130 ° C.
  • Supplied with practical remote control.
  • As free standing with the possibility of switching on heater rotation
  • Of course there is a thermal overheating fuse
  • Thanks to the ceramic heater, the heater heats the space instantly

The HECHT 3611 finds use wherever you need to quickly raise the air temperature and maintain it at the set value. In the winter months, the comfort of living in the living room can be enjoyed by watching TV or reading a favorite book. It is possible to set rotation on the heater - rocking movement, hot air is blown into the room in this mode. Thanks to the use of a ceramic heater, the outlet air temperature reaches up to 130 ° C. The heating power can be set to 1200 or 2200 W. With the buttons on the heater or the remote control you can easily set the desired temperature, which will then keep the heating in the room. The heater is also equipped with overheating protection. For example, if the ventilation grilles have been blocked for some reason and the temperature inside the heater rises above the set safety limit, the heater will automatically shut down. The heater thus protects itself against damage and can also prevent the occurrence of a fire.

This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or occasional use.

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Power input (W) 1200 - 2200
Weight (kg) 5,3
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