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HECHT 54502 - accu minicross

ACCU motorbike. Battery 36 V, 8 Ah. Engine 500 W. Weight 25 kg. Speed 7 - 25 km / h. 20 km. Wheels 2,5-10 "Three speeds Recharge time 8 hours. Celý popis ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT54502

HECHT 54502 HECHT 54502 - accu minicross

Product description

Electric motor powered by battery 36 V 8 Ah. Perfect silent emission-free operation will also allow the motor to be used in places where noise and quench combustion engines can not be operated. So it's not a problem to work out perfectly on Sunday in the garden without any reason to protest the neighbor. At the same time, however, it is necessary to keep in mind that the motorcycle is so quiet that its operation in the places where other people are moving can be dangerous, the approaching machine is not heard.


The base of the motorcycle is made of a quality steel frame, complemented by stylish plastic covers that complete the look of a real motorcycle. The front wheel is mounted in a suspension fork, the rear wheel suspension is resolved by a central suspension similar to the actual motocross machines. Aluminum alloy rims are embedded in cross-enduro tires that ensure optimum adhesion on both the rigid surface and the lawn or unpaved road. The front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes.


The speed of the bike can be limited and locked by a key at 7/15/25 km / h. The brakes are controlled by the levers on the handlebars. On the right handle is an accelerator (gas), whose rotation is determined by the smoothness of the driving speed. Besides the gas, there is an LED panel that indicates the charge status of the battery. The wide rating handlebar (so-called "bars") ensures comfortable operation. For added safety, a soft foam cover is added in the center.


A 500-watt engine with a nominal torque of 1.9 Nm does not fit many combustion engines. The bike is very fast, but its performance and range is obviously influenced by the terrain and the weight of the driver. The maximum load is 75 kg, the maximum range is up to 20 km per charge. It comes with a charger that can charge the battery from a regular outlet in about 8 hours.


Included is a charger, a basic tool kit and stickers (stickers).


This motorbike is not a means of transport, it can not be used on public roads!

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Length 125 cm
Engine 36 V / 500 W
Height 80 cm
Width 56 cm
Battery 36 V / 8 Ah
Speed 7 - 25 km/h
Lenght (mm) 1250
Height (mm) 800
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