HECHT 971W – electric pole saw

HECHT 971W – electric pole saw

Electric pruning pole saw with a telescopic handle of 2 – 2,8m


Parameter Description
Drive Electric motor
Engine Electric 230 V/ 50 Hz
Power input 750 W
Bar and chain lubrication Automatic
Bar length 30 cm
Quick chain tensioning No
Telescopic pole length 2 - 2,8 m
Weight 3,2 kg

Product description

If you need easily cut or prun the branch high above the ground, then is a pole saw HECHT 971W a good choice for you. A telescopic handle is adjustable in the range of 2 – 2,8 m, easily can be cut the branches at a height above 4 m. A saw placed at the end of the pole can be tilted at an angle of 40º.


The machine has also an automatic chain lubrication. The oil evel can be easily checked by transparent oil level indicator.


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