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Petrol chaisaw - HECHT 45

Petrol powered chainsaw. 2-stroke engine 45 ccm, 2,7 HP. Safety chain brake. Automatic chain lubrication. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHT45

Petrol chaisaw - HECHT 45 Petrol chaisaw - HECHT 45

Product description

Petrol chain saw HECHT 45 is one of the best-selling model in its category thanks to the price-performance ratio. Power ensures reliable 2-stroke engine with a displacement of 45cm³ and power output 2,7HP. Maximum engine speed is 11500 rpm, chain speed is 23,1 m/s, bar length is 40 cm. These parameters makes from this model a lightweight and powerful helper in category of home and hobby chain saws.


The chain saw is equipped with a pump (primer) and semi-automatic choke. Starting is therefore – with properly adjusted chain saw - very easy. To ergonomic design achievement were used modern materials, high-quality steel, light aluminium mixture and durable plastics. Their right combination ratio was reached an outstanding durability, optimal balance and the low weight of the machine. Properly designed handles allows hold the machine safely in all working positions. This model is equipped with an anti-vibration system that reduces the vibration transmitted to the handles, due to powerful engine. Thus the hands are less strained by vibrations and the work is much more convenient.

Great emphasis is put on safety at work. The chain saw is equipped with a safety brake and an average time to stop the chain from the maximum speed is 0,1 seconds. Another safety feature is a pair of control switches placed on the main handle - that substantially reduces the risk of unexpected move of the chain when engine is running. The chain saw is equipped also with a steel spiked bumper, which – when used correctly -  prevents the machine to “jump out“ from the cut in case that f.e. is a chain jammed in the cut.

The part of delivery is bar with lenght of 40 cm and chain HECHT 0,325/1,5mm with 66 links. Chain type is HECHT 25Q66E. Chain and bar lubricating is automatically ensured by the pump from the tank integrated in the machine.

The chain saw is a dangerous machine; it is necessary to use protective equipment at work, including eyes and ears protection, helmet, reinforced footwear, protective trousers, gloves, etc. Protective equipment noted above can be found on our websites in file “protective equipment“.

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Drive Petrol engine
Displacement (cm3) 45
Max. otáčky motoru (ot/min) 10800
Maximum engine power (kW) 2,1
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0,55
Rychlost řetězu (m/s) 23,1
Chain 0,325 / 1,5 mm, 66 článků
Bumper spike Ano - kovová
Bar and chain lubrication Automatické
Bar length (cm) 40
Power output (HP) 2,7
Weight (kg) 5,4
Engine Hecht 2-stroke
Rated motor power (kW) 1,6
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